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Telerehab physical therapy during COVID

The world is going through a crisis that threatens to claim lives and is pushing healthcare systems to the brink of collapse across the globe. Your friends and family are doing what they should do, and they are isolating themselves to limit the risk of transmission of the virus. Our frontline providers are fighting everyday to combat this virus and they are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all dealing with a laundry list of concerns during this crisis.

The psychological and physical stressors of this crisis for us as individuals cannot be underestimated. If you are like many of our current patients, discontinuing or postponing necessary rehabilitation could have dire consequences. Perhaps your doctor wrote you a script for physical therapy prior to this crisis because you were in pain or just had surgery.  Maybe you’ve been in pain for quite some time and planned to start therapy, but now you are not comfortable leaving your home.

Fortunately, the access that patients have to the telerehab we offer in combination with Gov. Phil Murphy’s recent order will enable patients to receive much needed physical therapy from the comfort of their own home during this crisis.


Telerehab is physical therapy treatment that is provided via a remote connection that is similar to FaceTime or Skype. This connection allows you to consult with your doctor of physical therapy and receive guided exercise instruction to achieve your goals of getting rid of pain or improving function. ProFysio has been piloting and delivering this service since 2018. ProFysio Physical Therapy uses a superior system that has an extensive catalog of exercises that provides a professionally recorded multi-angle video feed to give you an optimal demonstration of the exercise while simultaneously being connected with your therapist. Your therapist can modify the exercise as needed based on how you are feeling.  In addition, it allows your therapist to capture your range of motion measurements throughout your session so that we can measure and show you progress from session to session. This unique feature makes initial evaluation and assessment possible and more accurate than comparable systems. Conditions like back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, post operative pain, and chronic pain and many more can be treated with this form of telehealth.


Recently, Murphy signed legislation (A3860), which authorizes any health care practitioners to provide telemedicine and telehealth services for the duration of the public health emergency declared by the governor. Under this legislation, the Department of Banking and Insurance is directing insurance carriers to review their telemedicine and telehealth networks to ensure adequacy, given the apparent increased demand, including, but not limited to, mental health and behavioral health providers, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, and any other health providers capable and authorized to provide telehealth or telemedicine services pursuant to state law or other state-issued guidance. We applaud this legislation and urge you to use this service during this challenging time.


At ProFysio you can easily book your session online at profysionj.com or by calling 732-970-7882. Same day appointments are available and you do not need a physician’s prescription to begin therapy. Also, for individuals who do not have insurance, we have made it available at minimal cost during this crisis.

Please make good choices and stay healthy during this difficult time. We will all get through this challenging time together.

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