Arnone announces ‘Take Out in Monmouth,’ gives updates on COVID-19

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Monmouth County Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone has announced the creation of “Take Out in Monmouth,” an initiative to assist restaurants in Monmouth County as a result of COVID-19 closures.

Arnone made the announcement on April 2 and said, ” ‘Take Out in Monmouth’ will help both businesses and residents. To help keep our food and restaurant industry open during this time, we are preparing a comprehensive list of all food and restaurant businesses that remain open for take-out and delivery. This information will be placed on”

Numerous municipalities and local chambers of commerce have already created lists that have been shared online, according to a press release, and a county-wide list of food and restaurant businesses will soon be available online at

During a press conference on April 2, Arnone provided updates on COVID-19 in Monmouth County and discussed the continuation of county operations.

“We are announcing that county operations will continue as they are now through April 30, meaning restricted public access to buildings and county employees practicing social distancing and some working on alternative schedules,” he said.

“The park open spaces will stay open, but that is only as long as every visitor to our parks follows social distancing guidelines and remains at least 6 feet away from other visitors. If these guidelines are not followed, we will have no choice but to completely close the parks,” Arnone said.

He thanked the many individuals who have volunteered to help the Monmouth County Health Department during the pandemic.

“Last week, we asked any available nurses to volunteer with the Monmouth County Health Department to do case management,” Arnone said. “I was overwhelmed by the response we received and I just want publicly thank each of the 26 school nurses, along with every other volunteer, who has stepped up to answer the call. It is times like this that make me so proud of our Monmouth County community.”