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Woodbridge mayor recognizes local businesses for PPE donations

WOODBRIDGE – Mayor John E. McCormac commended township employees, businesses and emergency responders for stepping up to “go above and beyond the call of duty to handle any task necessary to help our people.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, you know we say it all the time but it is more true now than ever,” he said in his daily COVID-19 report on April 2. “Woodbridge has the best team around and you can see how obvious that is from these last few weeks.”

The mayor recognized local dentist, Dr. Hardeek Patel, who donated lab coats and face shields to the township’s first responders.

“We really appreciate the doctor’s and everyone’s efforts and in due time we hope to be able to see all of you to thank you personally,” he said.

McCormac has said the township continues to be in fairly good shape with regard to supplies and personal protective equipment, or PPE, due to the generosity of the community.

He previously recognized Hank Incognito, the owner of Avenel Pharmacy, who has been producing hand sanitizer in his store and bottling it for distribution to the township’s emergency responders and other employees.

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