Voting by mail is a good option for residents

The coronavirus has forced many changes in how we interact socially. We now have to
worry about daily food supplies, educating our children without schools and protecting our

Sadly, we must also worry about safeguarding our elections. We cannot forget the
importance of our vote. Voting is the basic right upon which our democracy is built. We cannot let the virus impede our fair and democratic processes.

Voting by mail is convenient and easy, and now, more importantly than ever, it is safe. You can vote from the security of your home without endangering yourself, poll workers or fellow voters.

Voting by mail leaves a paper trail and is unhackable, and is also germ-free!

Social distancing is something to which we must adjust in order to defeat the virus and protect our loved ones. But we must not lose our voice in government. It is simply too important. If you have not already signed up for voting by mail, please call your local clerk for an application.

Also, our local government should be acquiring high speed scanners before our June and
November elections to help with the expected surge in voting by mail. We need to stay in front of this.

There is also a bill before the New Jersey Assembly (A-3591) that will help educate voters about voting by mail and keep our votes safe. Please call or email your assembly person today to support this important bill.

Stay home and be safe. Vote by mail.

Kate Vallee
Freehold Township