Howell mayor urges social distancing during health crisis

HOWELL – Mayor Theresa Berger discussed the importance of social distancing as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Howell reached 242 as of April 7.

The Township Council held a meeting on April 7, which was designated World Health Day.

“Social distancing is a big deal, this is not a vacation. I have been hearing so many people (say) their kids have been bicycling together, like together-together. This is not a play date, it is not playtime,” the mayor said.

In her professional role, Berger is the president and chief executive officer of Ocean Health Initiatives, where she leads an executive leadership team that is focused on a vision to provide high quality, accessible and affordable family health care to the area’s residents, according to the OHI website.

Berger said she understands what people are going through during a time when they are being told to avoid contact with one another.

“This is really important, even though I know I am losing my mind. There are five adults in my house and I have to say you can’t get away from anybody and my house is not small.

“I can imagine trying to have to teach (social distancing) to little kids and then keeping them occupied. But moms out there, please, you must keep (your children) with your family, we shouldn’t be mixing families, it is very important,” Berger said.

The mayor said Howell’s municipal employees who have been working are amazing and she said the first responders have done an outstanding job.

“As always, Howell is always on top, so we have to thank every employee. I just want to say stay healthy. There are more negative (tests) at this point than there are positive tests, so that is a plus,” Berger said. “Social distancing, using gloves, hand-washing, elbow bumps, and be safe out there. Be safe.”