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Easter Bunny will still visit Spotswood children

SPOTSWOOD–Spotswood Mayor Edward Seely said the Easter Bunny will still visit borough children despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, we are in our second month of COVID-19 and while we are doing our best to maintain social distancing, there are others still failing to get the point. This has been and continues to be very stressful on all of us,” Seely said in a prepared statement. “We’ve had to make many adjustments to our lifestyles and are making countless sacrifices; in the end, we know our efforts will pay off.”

As of April 3, Seely said the borough had a total of nine positive cases.

“A significant addition to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations is that everyone should be protecting their noses and mouths when going into a situation where social distancing is not possible; nice timing, since now it is virtually impossible to find supplies,” Seely said in the statement. “I have seen people that are using neckerchiefs and even pulling their shirts up over their faces. I don’t know how much protection this offers, but, if you decide to do it, I would suggest you wash whatever you’re using every day.”

Seely said he, himself, is an essential person, as he works in an indoor waste facility.

“Garbage gets dropped on the ground in the building, we load it into different trucks and it’s hauled to the landfill,” Seely said in the statement. “The point I’m making is that the germs are all around us here and I wear a surgical mask every day; however, they are short in supply, so I wear mine for a week and spray it with Lysol every night before I go home. I speak from experience when I recommend being diligent about washing/disinfecting your face covering every time you wear it.”

On a brighter note, Seely said on April 11 the Easter Bunny will be cruising the streets of Spotswood with the Spotswood Fire Department, weather permitting. The tour will begin at 9 a.m., so he encouraged children to listen for fire sirens.

“Due to the current health restrictions, there will be no contact and we request that you please stay on your property and wave. Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the tour if it’s raining, so let’s hope for a sunny day,” Seely said in the statement.

Seely also asked residents to remember that businesses in town are valuable assets to the community and tax structure, and they’re feeling the impact of this pandemic along will the rest of everyone else.

“As this goes on, some may even lose their businesses, so please frequent those that you can as often as you can,” Seely said in the statement. “In closing, I want to thank you all for doing your part, as difficult as it may be. As always, be safe, be smart and stay healthy.”



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