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Firm will oversee cleanup at pump station

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ABERDEEN – Members of the Township Council have authorized CME Associates to perform engineering services relating to the Strathmore area pump station at 30 Noble Place, Aberdeen Township.

“The pump station was a former waste water treatment plant and has been decommissioned,” Township Manager Bryan Russell said.

Russell said at present, there is no longer an active pump station being used.

On April 2, council members authorized CME Associates to perform engineering services at the pump station. The firm submitted a proposal on Sept. 24, 2019, for Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) engineering services at a cost of $98,480.

“This (contract) is for the LSRP, who is the engineer who will oversee this project,” Russell said, explaining that CME Associates will oversee the remediation of the site.

The firm will perform services to include remedial action work plan activities, ground water monitoring, issuing remedial action reports, securing remedial action permits and issuing a  response action outcome.

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