Holmdel residents show support for first responders, healthcare professionals

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HOLMDEL – Residents got creative to continue their efforts to support first responders and healthcare professionals during the coronavirus pandemic.

On April 4, the Department of Recreation held Holmdel Heroes Day, an event that gave residents a chance to send in photos or videos of themselves dressed up as their favorite local superheroes.

From doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians, to police officers, firefighters, teachers and infrastructure maintenance workers, Holmdel residents dressed up to show all of those people their gratitude for helping to keep them safe during the ongoing crisis.

“It was a great gesture to see people in our community show their support for first responders and healthcare professionals,” Mayor Gregory Buontempo said. “It was a nice program to get our community to continue to show support to those people.”

More than a dozen submissions came in before April 4, the mayor said, and residents are continuing to send in photos and videos to support the cause.

The success of the program has Buontempo thinking about holding another version of Holmdel Heroes Day in the near future, possibly in the next week or two.

The mayor said that during the coronavirus pandemic, he and his staff have made it their mission for the community to show support for first responders and healthcare professionals in any way possible.

On March 24, the mayor started a personal protective equipment donation drive that would send those needed items to the township’s first responders and to Bayshore Medical Center.

Holmdel continued to show support for employees at the local hospital on April 14 as first responders from the township, as well as from Hazlet, Keyport and Union Beach, gathered in a show of support for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

“We want to try to do as much as we can to show them how much we appreciate and support them for their efforts to combat the virus,” Buontempo said. “We hope this gesture will be a great morale booster to them.”