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North Brunswick neighbors ‘shout out’ to each other; next evening set for April 16

The Patton Street Neighbors held their first Shout Out on April 9 as they stepped outside in front of their homes with flashlights and waved to their neighbors on their block with a shout out of ”Be Kind, Be Safe.” The Patton Street Neighbors have scheduled their next shout out for 8 p.m. on April 16 with their slogan signs stating “Stay Safe, Stay Home“ to place in front of their homes. The organizers hope this will be a model for the North Brunswick community to set aside one night where all neighbors can come out for five minutes in front of their homes to wave to each neighbor to check on their well-being and signify unity and hope during these trying times. For more information, contact Pete Clark at 908-307-3260.


UPDATE: The Neighborhood Greet Your Neighbor Shout Out No. 2 will be held at 8 p.m. on April 16 for residents of Patton, Newton, Bradley, Douglas and Davis streets. Write a positive quote or saying and step outside with a flashlight and post the paper onto the mailbox; wave to your neighbors and then go back inside. Volunteers will drive down the blocks and pick up the sayings and deliver them to Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack to read during his daily updates. Contact Pete Clark at pjfc0213@gmail.com or 908-307-3260 if planning to participate.

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