Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented

I was troubled after reading the letter to the editor from Jacquelin Duffy (News Transcript, April 8, 2020). According to her, the Democratic party is using the coronavirus to defeat President Donald J. Trump in the upcoming election.

Ms. Duffy claims that over the last hundred years, there have been quite a few similar pandemics, taken in stride, without shutdown of schools, restaurants and theaters. She claims Democrats are “praying” for businesses to close and for massive unemployment. Tell that to the families that have lost loved ones.

While I cannot wait to return to a normal life again, the pandemic is unprecedented. As of April 10, there were about 483,006 infections and 17,861 deaths in the United States alone.

The 1917 pandemic was not taken in stride, but resulted in millions of deaths. Studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that social distancing works.

As the President reminds us, the only way to “defeat this invisible enemy” is through
social distancing. Is the entire world engaged in a conspiracy to defeat President Trump in the upcoming election? I don’t think so.

Ms. Duffy misses the mark. The pandemic is not political. It does not discriminate along party lines. Every day, emergency workers and first responders risk exposure. We need to be humanitarians and pay homage to the families that have lost loved ones.

Ms. Duffy claims incredibly that the latest infringement on our lives is our “dear governor’s” proposal to have an 8 p.m. curfew. Ms. Duffy wants us all together in schools, restaurants and theaters. Without mitigating efforts there surely will be even more deaths. Is this woman delusional?

Robert Cini