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East Brunswick superintendent explains report card issuance during time of distance learning

East Brunswick High School (EBHS)

EAST BRUNSWICK–Using distance learning techniques to educate students, Superintendent Victor Valeski explained how East Brunswick Public Schools will plan for the final semester of the school year.

“I know better than anyone that our warmer weather draws us to be outside and I know we miss being around each other,” Valeski said in a prepared statement. “I hope you understand that during this critical time of possible community transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19), I must keep our playgrounds and outdoor athletic facilities closed with the exception of our high school track. The track will remain open for public use as long as we can comply with social distancing standards.”    

Valeski said this action is for everyone’s safety and for the district’s compliance with Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive orders, issued during this pandemic.

Murphy also announced schools will be closed at least through May 15, during his daily update on April 16.

“I’d like to express my continued appreciation for the hard work and effort that our students and staff are exhibiting during distance learning,” Valeski said in his statement. “I also appreciate and recognize the tremendous contributions our families are making to support student learning during this time.”

Third marking period grades will be posted on the parent portal on April 20. Fourth marking period grading guidance is as follows:

  • For kindergarten to fifth grade students, there are many variables that preclude the district from conventionally assessing its K-fifth grade students the way it would with a traditional elementary report card. In order to recognize the students’ effort and growth during distance learning, teachers will provide ongoing feedback on each student’s progress in lieu of a traditional report card.
  • For sixth to 12th grade students, grades will be recorded and a report card will be issued. Grades will be based on participation and assignments. All students will be exempt from final exams. Students will be graded weekly so they can track their progress in each class.
  • Teachers will update grades in Genesis weekly. Parent Access will remain viewable. Students may request a course be graded Pass/Fail for the fourth marking period by contacting their teacher and/or school counselor. Additional details regarding the fourth marking period grading will be shared with parents in the near future by their child’s principal.

“The social media posts showing student/family participation in authentic learning activities are impressive and inspiring,” Valeski said in the statement. “Engaging with our school community in this virtual way has allowed us to see creativity, enthusiasm and a genuine love of learning, something we strive for in our classrooms every day that we are together.

“As always, I remain confident that all students will maintain academic integrity and put forth their finest efforts,” Valeski continued. “Thank you for the commitment you’ve shown in partnering with your child’s teachers to maintain the East Brunswick Public Schools’ high expectations for teaching and learning. I wish the best for each of you and your families.”

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