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Hillsborough offers revised disclaimer for reporting of COVID cases

HILLSBOROUGH – Hillsborough has reported 188 positive cases of COVID-19 with 82 patients recovered and 11 deceased, as of April 23.

From long term care or assisted living facilities, Hillsborough is reporting 63 confirmed cases with 13 deceased. Confirmed cases and confirmed deceased from such facilities may not also be included in the total number of cases.

In Somerset County, there are 2,534 positive cases and 190 deaths, according to information provided by Hillsborough Township.

Revised disclaimer: Please be advised that the numbers posted on the township website are those that are reported by Hillsborough Township Health Department based on reports from the New Jersey Department of Health surveillance system. The reported numbers are only from those individuals who have been tested for COVID-19 and are confirmed positive through an FDA-approved laboratory for COVID-19 testing purpose. It does not include those contacts of the positive individuals or any individuals who are sick and have not been tested.
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