South River police remind residents of special needs registry program


The South River Police Department is reminding residents of its special needs registry.

The goal is to ensure that all South River residents who may be in need of special assistance are able to get the help and the support they need in a time of emergency during interactions with law enforcement, fire officials or EMS.

The registry is a voluntary service available to individuals who have physical or mental impairments and who reside in, attend school in, or are employed in South River. The registry provides first responders with information such as the registrant’s name, address, date of birth, height, weight, their emergency contact information, some details about their special needs and a recent photo.

The registrant may elect to provide additional information such as prescribed medications, medical conditions, places frequented, methods of communication, calming methods, triggering conditions and contact information for their treating physicians.

Each person who signs up with the registry will be provided with two window decals. One decal can be placed on the front entrance of the registrant’s home and one decal can be place on the window of any vehicle in which they regularly travel.

The presence of the decal indicates a person has some degree of special needs and that responders should respond accordingly. The use of the decal is voluntary, according to information provided by the police department.

All information provided on the registry will remain confidential and will only be used by first responders during times of emergency.

Registrants can complete an online application via the police department’s secure website at There is no cost to register.

For more information, call 732-238-1000 or email


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