East Brunswick mayor addresses executive orders, closure of parks


EAST BRUNSWICK – As the COVID-19 pandemic has been getting increasingly worse, especially in the Tri-State Area, many precautionary measures are being added to protect residents.


For the most part, East Brunswick Township is following Gov. Phil Murphy’s statewide protocol.


“If there is any blatant disregard for those executive orders then our law enforcement officers are taking it upon themselves to make sure that the executive orders are carried out,” Mayor Brad Cohen said.


The town hall meetings have been moved over to Zoom for precautionary measures. This will, however, not change the level of effectiveness and productivity of these meetings, Cohen said.


“Everybody still has an opportunity to listen to these meetings and there is always an opportunity for public comment,” Cohen said.


Cohen and his team have made a very important decision of keeping the local parks open.


“In our town in particular, I look at it from the vantage point that the fact that most people are all cooped up, I think for their mental and physical health it’s a good thing to actually get out of the house and exercise,” Cohen said.


However, having local parks open is a privilege, he said, and if social distancing is not practiced then the township will have to close down the parks.

More updates on East Brunswick Township will be posted on Youtube, EBTV and the East Brunswick Township website, and once in a while a reverse 9-1-1 call (an emergency call that goes to all residents.)