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Sayreville reports 443 positive cases, 15 fatalities due to COVID-19 as of April 23

SAYREVILLE – As of April 23, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Sayreville is 443 with 15 confirmed COVID-19 related fatalities.

“Throughout this pandemic, our police chief and local Office of Emergency Management (OEM) officials have been working together with state and county leaders to make sure that you are informed of the number of cases in Sayreville. The reason for this sudden increase in numbers is a result of new reporting protocols and reconciliation processes at the state and county levels. Once again, I ask that you keep those families who have lost loved ones to this virus in your thoughts and prayers,” Mayor Victoria Kilpatrick said in a prepared statement.


“We will continue to update our number of confirmed cases on our borough webpage at www.sayreville.com. At times, you may notice a discrepancy between our local reported cases and those reported on the county website. Please note that this is to be expected as our police chief and OEM team research to confirm the reports we receive from the state and county. Once again, remember that there is currently no protocol in place to report those individuals who have recovered from this virus. Our numbers continue to include the very first case reported to us at the start of this outbreak.

“In closing, I ask that you continue to be vigilant and follow all social distancing measures. We will get through this together,” she said.

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