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Woodbridge officials report 58 new positive COVID-19 cases, mayor urges social distancing at municipal parks, fields

WOODBRIDGE – Woodbridge officials reported 58 new positive COVID-19 cases, bringing the total of cases in the township to 1,225, according to Mayor John McCormac in his daily report on April 26.

“This morning we read that the number of testing sites in New Jersey is up to 95 and all of our health experts attribute the increase in positive cases to the increase in testing as we continue to follow the statewide and countywide trends,” he said. “There is still no noticeable grouping in any particular area of town.”

The mayor said counting statistics from the St. Joseph’s Nursing Home, the township has 50 deaths with known ages – 10% are under 60, 40% are in their 60s and 70s, and half are 80 or above.

The St. Joseph’s Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility, which has since moved residents back to the facility, saw 46 positive COVID-19 cases, including 15 additional fatalities. The township is reporting statistics from the nursing home separately.

The residents at St. Joseph’s Nursing Home devastated by COVID-19 were initially counted in the township’s statistics before residents were moved to another facility out of town on March 25. On April 16, residents started moving back home after a massive cleaning effort.

McCormac, in his report, recognized the township’s group of nurses and nurse’s aides of the Township Health Department, who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes since this novel coronavirus pandemic started.

“Mary, Maria, Terry, Marianne and Lorraine not only handle medical issues, but the amount of recordkeeping required these days is staggering and they handle it all with ease,” he said, adding he, along with Health Director Dennis Green, the Township Council are proud of the job they have done for the township. “They are also busy calling victims and we are still getting overwhelmingly positive responses that those diagnosed with the virus in March and earlier in April are fully recovered or on the way to recovery. That’s great news.”

County parks are closed, but municipal parks and school fields and tracks are open for necessary exercise and recreation. The mayor urged people to follow proper social distancing. He said officials have to continue reminding children not to gather in groups and play sports and games on the fields.

The mayor said the continued rise in a number of COVID-19 cases reminds everyone to continue to stay diligent in following the new rules about social distancing, only leave the house for essential needs, and follow personal hygiene guidelines as well as to properly dispose masks, gloves and wipes in the trash

He continues to urge neighbors to check on people who live alone and cannot leave their homes.

The township has an updated list of virtual religious services with dates and times on the township’s website.

For more COVID-19 information, visit covid19.nj.gov. Visit www.twp.woodbridge.nj.us for local information.

For Middlesex County information visit discovermiddlesex.com/covid19/ or www.middlsexcountynj.gov/covid19.

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