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‘Flashlight Lighters’ continue weekly shout out in North Brunswick by collecting items for food bank

Neighbors from Newton, Patton, Bell, Douglass, Davis and Bradley streets in North Brunswick – nicknamed the Flashlight Lighters – continued their weekly shout out on April 25 along with collecting four containers of peanut butter, jelly, pasta and cereal as requested by the North Brunswick Food Bank.

More than 35 residents participated by coming out of their homes at 8 p.m. with their face masks on, waving their flashlights to the food caravan as they proceeded through the neighborhoods.

The Flashlight Lighters’ next shout out will take place on April 30 with neighbors providing baked goods and thank you notes for North Brunswick first responders and public works/parks employees, which will be delivered to all groups.

North Brunswick residents in other neighborhoods are invited to participate with the baked goods by calling Pete Clark at 908-307-3260; provide an address for pickup or goods can be dropped off at 1240 Newton St. in front of the house.

For more information to organize another neighborhood shout out, call 908-307-3260.

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