Opinion: Humanity continues to suffer from climate change

Our country currently faces two crises – a health emergency and an economic crisis – both caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Humanity also continues to suffer due to the negative effects of climate change. Early studies have shown that people who live in areas with increased pollution suffer more from this pandemic.

I’ve been heartened to see Congress pass relief bills in a bipartisan fashion. As we emerge from this pandemic crisis, I encourage our elected officials to look at climate policies with bipartisan support. Americans want to see their elected officials take meaningful action to address climate change.

Climate change should be a bridge issue that unites people, not a “wedge” issue that divides them.

One such policy is a “carbon fee and dividend” that would boost the economy, create millions of jobs, reduce pollution, improve health and send monthly dividend checks to Americans. And … it doesn’t grow our government.

A carbon fee and dividend bill already exists in Congress: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR763. Four New Jersey members of Congress are already co-sponsors of this bill: Tom Malinowski, Donald Payne, Albio Sires and Bonnie Watson-Coleman.

Thanks to those members of Congress who work in a bipartisan way to address health, economic and environmental challenges that we face. Learn more about HR763 at www.energyinnovationact.org.

Nadine Sapirman