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Marlboro council authorizes municipal improvements

MARLBORO – The Township Council has adopted four bond ordinances that will fund improvements to Marlboro’s roads and parks and pay for equipment for municipal departments.

Each ordinance was adopted by a 4-0 vote on April 23 following a public hearing. No member of the public spoke on any of the ordinances.

Council President Carol Mazzola, Councilwoman Randi Marder, Councilman Scott Metzger and Councilman Michael Scalea voted “yes” on motions to adopt the legislation. Council Vice President Jeff Cantor was absent.

The first ordinance appropriates $5.2 million for capital improvements: $2.7 million for engineering, including road improvements, storm drainage improvements and dog park improvements; $737,001 for recreation, including improvements at parks; $559,893 for road maintenance, including the acquisition of new vehicles and equipment;

And, $510,000 for grounds maintenence, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements to public buildings; $348,836 for upgrades for the Marlboro Police Department, including the acquisition of police vehicles and equipment; $267,444 for a new computer system for township management; $40,290 for 911 expenses; $5,621 for administrative improvements.

Marlboro will make a $259,808 down payment for those expenses.

The second ordinance appropriates $2.32 million for water utility improvements. There is no down payment with this ordinance. The ordinance includes funding for the installation of a new water main extension, valve replacements, management equipment, the replacement of water meters, emergency water repairs and restoration, and the repair of various hydrants, valves and pipes.

The third and fourth ordinances appropriate $415,000 that has been received in grants to two township projects: $215,000 for improvements to Wyncrest Road and $200,000 for improvements to Nolan Road Park.

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