New township map highlights open businesses in Cranbury

Cranbury Township officials are connecting their residents with open and available businesses in town through a new online interactive map.

The interactive map officially launched on the township’s website on May 1 and includes a list of businesses, parks and places of worship.

“One of the major goals this year for the township committee was to find ways to encourage and support local businesses. As part of the communication committee, I had discussed this idea of an interactive map with local information about businesses and other township places within Cranbury,” Committeewoman Barbara Rogers said. “With the coronavirus outbreak and business restrictions, it became apparent up-to-date information was needed.”

She added that it became more urgent that the township move forward on the interactive map during the coronavirus outbreak.

“The map provides easy access to local information and keeps everyone up to date about changes to businesses and other township places within Cranbury,” Rogers said. “It took quite a while to get all of the information together for the businesses, services, places of worship and parks.”

When Gov. Phil Murphy first issued his stay-at-home order in late March, Rogers spent the first few weeks of the order gathering information from a list of businesses that would be included on the map.

“I called, visited websites and social media and heard from businesses to obtain the information. If we are missing businesses or want to update information, please contact me directly at my township email,” Rogers said. “The map will be updated as needed.”

She added that the map is cloud-based platform.

“You can easily see all the businesses and attractions on the map,” Rogers said. “This is not a list of all of the businesses in town, as they open they will appear on this map.”

The map has color-coded dots ranging in colors, each indicating a specific category of businesses and attractions. Residents can view information on places such as Cranbury’s care facility the Elms of Cranbury, Heritage Park, and George’s Garage and Towing.

For example, George’s Garage and Towing has a blue dot, which indicates certain businesses as available services. Once it is clicked the business address, description of available service, and contact information are just some examples of the information that is provided through the map.

Individuals utilizing the map can search for a specific business or place of worship through a keyword or address search on left side window of the map.

“What Barbara [Rogers] has done is create a great tool with the interactive map. The downtown business environment even before COVID-19 was something I was looking at trying to invigorate,” Mayor Matt Scott said. “With the ongoing pandemic we have to find a way for local government to help our local businesses. This is just one step of a process to help create an alliance between the town government, local business and residents.”

He added that the map helps people to consider shopping local and using services available in Cranbury.

“I want people and businesses to know that this is out there and to utilize this new map,” Scott said.

Rogers also urged residents and businesses to interact and participate with the new addition to the township’s website.

“Please use the map to find current information and support our local businesses that are open now and will be open in the future,” Rogers said.

For more information on the interactive map, visit