Princeton Ballet School presents excerpts of production of ‘Giselle’

Photo courtesy of American Repertory Ballet
American Repertory Ballet presents two performances of romantic ballet masterpiece "Giselle" at McCarter Theatre in Princeton on May 2.

The American Repertory Ballet (ARB) Princeton Ballet School (PBS) is presenting excerpts from “Giselle,” its new full-length production, that premiered in February at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center.


“Giselle” was first presented in France in 1841 in two acts, according to the ARB. PBS’s full-length production, which premiered on Feb. 14, is a collaboration between renowned designers and an artistic team of Cuban and American stagers, including Ana Novoa, Aydmara Cabrera, José Manuel Carreño and Ian Hussey.

“This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” said Aldeir Monteiro, one of the ARB dancers, in a prepared statement.

“Being able to work with José Manuel Carreño was a childhood dream come true. I grew up watching his videos and I identified with him [a Latino male ballet dancer]. He was the main driving force as to why I decided to pursue a career in ballet,” Ruben Rascon, ARB dancer, said in the statement.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to present ‘Giselle’ at McCarter Theatre … as planned. But we hope you will enjoy these excerpts, a montage of footage we were able to capture on Feb. 16 at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, and consider making a donation in support of our artists. We are committed to paying their salaries during this time of crisis, even though they are unable to perform for you in-person,” Executive Director Julie Diana Hench said in the statement.

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