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Middletown officials secure new energy agreement

MIDDLETOWN – Municipal officials in Middletown have entered into a renewable energy agreement through Tradition Energy, one of the nation’s largest independent energy risk management and procurement advisers.

The renewable electricity purchase will offset 100% of the township’s conventional energy usage and reduce costs, according to the press release from the municipality.

“This new electrical energy arrangement will save the township 10% vs. our previous contract and at the same time move our percentage of renewables for electricity from 25% to 100%,” Mayor Tony Perry said.

“Not only are we excited to secure these savings for taxpayers, but we are also able to achieve a major environmental win for our township,” he said.

Historically, Middletown purchased its energy through a local aggregation group. At the time, low rates were achieved by aggregating multiple municipality energy loads, but there was less flexibility, according to the press release.

“Tradition Energy offered Middletown a better alternative by giving us the ability to react quickly to market opportunities or pursue unique goals such as purchasing renewable energy and constructing on-site solar generation on our land,” Township Administrator Tony Mercantante said.

“Middletown has achieved what more and more municipalities are learning: you can have it all – both meet your renewable energy goals and reduce your costs,” said Alan Kurzer, the CEO of Tradition Energy. “Our hats are off to the hard work everyone did to make this procurement victory possible for the township.”

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