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North Brunswick residents donate peanut butter, pasta to township food bank

The North Brunswick Neighborhood Flashlight Brigade collected more than 50 jars of peanut butter and more than 100 boxes of pasta for the North Brunswick Food Bank on May 7, and also honored all residents with a Mother's Day pinwheel.

The Neighborhood Shout Out Flashlight Brigade – consisting of more than 30 neighbors from Newton, Patton, Davis, Douglas, Bell and Bradley streets in North Brunswick – joined together on May 7 for P&P Night to meet the North Brunswick Food Bank’s request for peanut butter and pasta.

More than 40 jars of peanut butter, more than 80 types of pasta and with other food items filled five containers, with outside support from one of the neighbors from Myrtle Road who donated three bags of food, according to information provided by Pete Clark.

The special collection also honored all participants with a colorful pinwheel to remember Mother’s Day.

The next Shout Out will take place on May 14 where the Flashlight Brigade will provide a Graduation 2020 paper plate to write a note to North Brunswick Township High School Class of 2020 graduates, congratulating them for their accomplishments and resilience during these trying times. The congratulations plates will be picked up and provided to the superintendent of schools at one of the daily updates in May.

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