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Opinion: Arts Council of Princeton thanks community for its support of the Sew Many Masks Project

Just one month ago, the Arts Council of Princeton (ACP) was approached by town officials asking if the ACP would lead a community-mask making initiative. Eager to help, we added the Sew Many Masks endeavor to our roster of ‘apART together’ projects within the week. What followed was truly extraordinary.

Upon launching, the Princeton community has rallied behind this effort with commendable compassion and plenty of hands-on help. More than 1,000 masks have been hand-sewn and distributed to those who need them. Upon reaching this milestone, it’s important to recognize and thank the countless folks who’ve helped make this possible.

First to thank are the fabric-cutters and mask-sewers. Many of them are anonymous, as these volunteers pick up fabric, and in a day or two, return sewn masks But they know who they are and they should know that they have our appreciation. Two friends of the Arts Council, Carolina Firbas and Council Member Leticia Fraga, deserve special recognition as they’ve contributed a combined 100 masks. Our hats are off to them.

We have also been supported by a number of local organizations. Sakrid Coffee generously donated 4,000 disposable masks for the Arts Council to distribute quickly to those who need them. Custom Ink has provided hundreds of t-shirts that we convert into mask ties. The YMCA stepped up to accept (and launder) fabric donations, which has been a huge help. And the staff at a variety of social service organizations have helped us to deliver sewn masks to people who otherwise would not have been able to receive them.

And finally, huge thanks to the staff of the Arts Council. Our community is fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people who quickly, and creatively, rallied behind this idea. The entire apART together initiative has been a collaborative effort, and the Sew Many Masks project is just one example of how this talented team can take a kernel of an idea and bring it to life.

For information about Sew Many Masks, including how to request masks for you or someone you know, people are encouraged to visit the Arts Council of Princeton website.

Jim Levine
Interim Executive Director
Arts Council of Princeton

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