Monroe has lost 85 residents to COVID-19 with county reconciliation of confirmed deaths


MONROE – Monroe officials reported nine new positive COVID-19 cases over the weekend, bringing the total number of cases to 594, according to the Monroe Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM) on May 11.

The new cases include three residents in long-term care facilities and six community wide.

There were six new cases reported on May 9. The age range of the cases were from 24 to 92. The cases include three females – a 36 year old, a 39 year old, and a 92 year old and three males – a 24 year old and two 64 year olds.

There were three cases reported on May 10, which included a 55 year old female, a 73 year old male and an 80 year old female.

Monroe reported 18 additional residents who have lost their lives to COVID-19, bringing the total of deaths to 85, 65 in long-term care facilities and 20 community-wide.

“Over the past week, Middlesex County completed a comprehensive reconciliation of confirmed deaths in the State of New Jersey’s Communicable Diseases Database to ensure the county and state death lists were accurately aligned,” Mayor Gerald Tamburro said.

The additional deaths are reported through May 7. A further breakdown of the data reflects 76% of the deaths occurred in long-term care facilities and 24% are community wide.

“Every one of these deaths are a blow to us as a community,” the mayor said. “We sympathize with the families and mourn the loss with them. It is important that we stand together in support our friends and neighbors, during this most difficult time.”

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