South River police warn residents about IRS, bail scams

Finger at "SCAM ALERT" On Keyboard Button

SOUTH RIVER–The South River Police Department is warning residents about two ongoing scam attempts.

A bail bond scam involves a criminal calling a victim on the phone and explaining that a relative has been arrested. The criminal may or may not provide the relative’s name. In some cases, a person is placed on the phone pretending to be the relative as “proof” they have been arrested, according to a prepared statement from police.

The criminal will ask that the victim post, or give, a sum of money in order for the relative to be released from jail and ask for the victim’s home address to pick up the money. The criminal may give the victim instructions on what to say to a bank teller if he/she questions them on why they are taking out the cash, according to police.
The criminal may also instruct the victim to act upset and angry or to tell the bank employee that it is none of their business as to why they are taking out the money, according to police.
A second scam involves the IRS, in which the criminal calls the victim and tells them that they owe the government money and if he or she doesn’t pay they will be arrested. To avoid being arrested the victim must pay his/her debt by way of a MoneyGram or gift cards, according to the statement.
However, the IRS will never call someone and pressure them into settling their tax debt with a MoneyGram or gift card, police said.


If anyone calls, texts, or emails who you do not personally know looking for money, it is likely a scam. If this happens, call a friend, a relative or the police department. Another person not directly involved may have a better perspective on the situation and be more likely to see through any potential scam attempt, according to police.

For more information or to report a scam, call the South River Police Department at 732-238-1000.