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Howell council tables budget adoption to June 9

HOWELL – The Township Council has tabled the adoption of Howell’s 2020 municipal budget until June 9.

The council has introduced a $53.54 million budget that would be supported by the collection of $29.2 million in a local tax levy to be paid by Howell’s residential and commercial property owners.

The budget was initially scheduled for adoption on April 7. Due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the adoption was tabled until May 19.

On May 19, Mayor Theresa Berger, Deputy Mayor Evelyn O’Donnell, Councilman John Bonevich, Councilwoman Pamela Richmond and Councilman Thomas Russo tabled the budget’s adoption until June 9.

“We reserve the right to table the budget’s adoption again if we find new information to fix or to change the budget,” Berger said.

Township Manager Brian Geoghegan said the budget’s adoption was carried so Howell’s elected officials and professionals may determine how the pandemic will affect the municipality financially.

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