Princeton Hydro to perform herbicide treatment at Brainerd Lake

Brainerd Lake in Cranbury.

Brainerd Lake will receive herbicide treatment during the week of May 26.

Engineering and environmental services firm Princeton Hydro of East Amwell Township  announced on May 20, that the company will apply herbicide/algaecide treatment to control the growth of aquatic vegetation growth in Brainerd Lake.

According to Princeton Hydro, the firm is proposing the application of one of the following EPA-registered contact herbicides Tribune (diquat dibromide) or Clipper (flumioxazin).

“Residents are instructed to shut down any irrigation systems which pump water from the lake and to stop any use of the lake water for irrigation/watering purposes for a minimum of three days once the application of Tribune or Clipper has been conducted with the projected last day for holding irrigation/watering uses is May 31,” said Scott Churm, associate director of field operations at Princeton Hydro.

He added that the lake water should also not be used to provide drinking water for livestock or domestic pets until May 31.

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