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Kids enjoy ‘Virtual Kids Night In’ with basic kicks, blocks and punches

WOODBRIDGE – It was smiles and thumbs up galore as almost 70 kids attended “Virtual Kids Night In” hosted by International Martial Arts Taekwondo school in Woodbridge.

The school normally holds “Parents Night Out” where parents drop off their kids at the school for a few hours in the evening so they can go out. However, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic the school decided to hold the free virtual fun night for the kids.

The kids played human rock paper scissors, an audio ninja game, a drawing guessing game similar to Pictionary and called Quick Draw, space dance freeze dance, a scavenger hunt, and the kids even tried drawing pictures with their feet.

In between all the fun, the kids continued their taekwondo education learning some basic kicks, blocks and punches.

International Martial Arts Taekwondo, which is holding virtual martial arts classes during the pandemic, is offering a 30 day trial for anyone who wants to try the classes.

For more information visit www.imatkdlive.com.

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