Community members able to adopt South Brunswick High School seniors


Two freshman at South Brunswick High School, Drew and Katelyn O’Rourke, with the help of their mother, Suzanne O’Rourke, have started an initiative to do something for the 2020 South Brunswick High School graduating seniors.

A Facebook page and Instagram page have been created, “SBHS Class of 2020 Adopt a Senior,” to support the seniors.

During the first week, 100 seniors had been adopted. More than 800 community members have joined the Facebook page (SBHSAdoptSenior) and over 270 seniors joined the Instagram page (SBHSAdoptSenior).

Drew and Katelyn are actively trying to get more 2020 SBHS seniors and parents to join in and get their seniors adopted, according to information provided in the daily report by the South Brunswick Police Department on May 28.

“I’m really glad that we got the opportunity to do this for the seniors. It’s cool to see all of their bios and what they are doing next. We are hoping to get more seniors to participate. There are lots of people on our Facebook page who want to adopt a senior,” Drew said per the statement.

SBHS seniors and their parents can join SBHSAdoptSenior on Facebook and post the senior’s bio, or the seniors can send a direct message to SBHSAdoptSenior on Instagram with their bio/photo/wish list. Post a picture or two and write a bio on the student; mention something about them, their accomplishments, sports, clubs, future plans, etc. Add a URL to the senior’s Amazon wish list. Invite trusted family and friends to the pages so they can join in.

Adopters can join the Facebook page where they can “adopt a senior.” The first one who comments on the senior’s bio on the page becomes the adopter. You can shop from the student’s Amazon wish list to shop and ship easily. Or, if you personally know the senior, you can drop balloons, candy, personalized note, etc. to them directly.

“It’s been great seeing the community of South Brunswick come together to support the SBHS Class of 2020. It makes me happy to see all of the positive comments about the seniors. I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as we are,” Katelyn said in the statement.

Small business owners or those who prefer to donate money can Venmo funding to @SBHS-Senior and the money will be used to adopt an SBHS senior or multiple seniors on your behalf, and your business will be given a shout out on social media. If there is money left over at the end of the initiative, the money will be donated to Project Graduation.  Drew and Katelyn picked this organization as they said it would help future seniors of SBHS.

This initiative is not associated directly with SBHS or the school district.