Organization provides undergarments, menstrual products to women in need


Periods don’t stop for pandemics. Neither does I Support the Girls— Central/South New Jersey.

I Support the Girls (ISTG) is an international non-profit that collects and distributes essential items including bras, underwear and menstrual hygiene products, supporting women and folx experiencing homelessness, impoverishment or distress.

Linda Willimer, affiliate director of ISTG–Central/South New Jersey, has been helping out, all while battling breast cancer. Since March alone, Willimer has donated more than 54,000 pads, tampons and bras to homeless shelters, food banks, LGBTQ+ organizations and more for COVID-19 relief.

“It is a great help for clients who are not working right now and have sick family members. The community relies on Rise and I Support the Girls for these items. I have a single mom with five girls, and she can count on getting the items they need,” a representative from RISE said in a prepared statement.

Willimer has held drag queen quiz nights and other fundraisers. She’s begun donating to her partner organizations bi-weekly, instead of the usual monthly donation, utilizing her regular volunteers by having them sort donations from home, according to the statement.

Willimer is asking for donations as well as people who are willing to volunteer remotely. Any organizations in need can also contact her by emailing or calling 609-933-4126.

The local affiliate is located in Pennington.

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