Chisholm appointed to Jackson council; Sauickie elevated to president’s role


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JACKSON – Members of the Jackson Township Council have appointed Stephen M. Chisholm Jr. to fill a seat on the five-member governing body that opened when Barry Calogero resigned on May 13.

Calogero had been serving as the council president.

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On June 9, council members Alex Sauickie, Andrew Kern, Martin Flemming and Ken Bressi voted “yes” on a motion to appoint Chisholm to the governing body. The appointment runs through Dec. 31.

Sauickie said 10 residents sought the appointment to Jackson’s nonpartisan governing body. He said all of the candidates “were really looking for a way to help the town.”

Kern said the council members reviewed the applications, resumes and cover letters that were submitted.

“We then called each candidate and had a discussion,” he said, adding that the individuals were asked about their prior volunteer work, their personal and professional experiences, their experience working with a team and their personal goals.

“There were amazing answers from almost every candidate. There were fantastic, passionate people who applied for this position and it really made me feel good listening and having these discussions with these people.

“I truly hope the people who were not selected this evening will stay involved and become more involved with the township and trying to help the residents of Jackson,” Kern said.

The councilman said one person rose to the top.

“Somebody who had leadership positions and currently has leadership positions; lives in town, has businesses in town, family in town, and had fantastic goals and other experience. That person was Steve Chisholm,” Kern said.

Flemming, Bressi and Sauickie agreed with Kern’s comments. The council members went into executive (closed) session to allow Chisholm to drive to town hall and be sworn in as a councilman.

Chisholm thanked the council members for giving him the opportunity to serve his community and for their support of his candidacy.

“I look forward to working with everybody on the council and serving the people of Jackson,” he said.

Chisholm, 51, has been a resident of Jackson for more than 40 years. He is a New Jersey licensed tree expert and works for his family business, Aspen Tree Expert Co.

“I hope I can serve the town and do something that is going to help everybody, to help move us forward. I am looking forward to hopefully being fiscally responsible and saving us money where I can, and just looking to preserve the things we love about Jackson,” Chisholm said.

In other business, the council members unanimously voted to appoint Sauickie as council president, succeeding Calogero in that role. The council members then voted unanimously to appoint Kern as vice president, succeeding Sauickie in that role.

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