Images of Lawrence Hopewell Trail will contribute to sense of community

Eric Sucar

Geese gliding along the surface of Rosedale Lake. A rhododendron bush in full flower. A tumble-down fence.

Whether it is a photograph, a drawing, a painting or a video, these are among the images that can be captured in the Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s “Art on the Trail” program that launched June 1. There is no cost to participate.

The goal of “Art on the Trail” is to encourage users to look at the Lawrence HopewelL Trail through a different lens. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail is a 20-plus-mile pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly trail that wends its way through Lawrence and Hopewell townships.

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail is all about connecting and contributing to a sense of community, which has been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Becky Taylor. She is the co-president of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corp., which maintains the trail.

“During this difficult time, we know people want to connect and to be creative, but also to be safe. This arts program is designed to enable everyone who has an appreciation for the trail to celebrate it,” Taylor said.

“They can draw, paint, photograph or take a video capturing something special on the trail in any one of three ways. They can visit the trail – honoring social distancing guidelines – or they can be inspired by the photos featured on the LHT website,” Taylor said.

The third option is to simply imagine a view, and then capture it on paper or digitally, she said.

The “Art on the Trail” program will run through next spring, and will feature a new theme every other month.

During June and July, the theme is landscapes. The deadline to submit artwork is July 31. August and September will feature flora and fauna, with a Sept. 30 deadline to turn in artwork.

October and November will focus on the theme of waterways along the trail. It could be Rosedale Lake, or a stream. December and January will target still-life “found objects” on the trail. The deadline for submission for artwork is Nov. 30 for the four-month period.

Architecture is the theme for February and March. There are bridges that cross the stream, and fences, Taylor said. The deadline to submit photographs, drawings, videos or other art forms is March 31.

To wrap up the year-long “Art on the Trail” program, participants are invited to submit self-portraits taken on the trail for April and May, in time for the May 31 deadline.

A panel will select from among the artwork that has been submitted during each of the themed time frames, Taylor said. Each artist, photographer or videographer will receive publicity and visibility of their artwork on the Lawrence Hopewell Trail website at

Each person who submits artwork will be asked for a description of their artwork, and to share a little about themselves and their creation. They may be asked about the medium that they chose – crayon, pencil, watercolor, oil or video.

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