Johnson Park School amphitheater named for principal

Robert Ginsberg has been described as the “heart and soul” of the Johnson Park School, where he has served as the principal for more than two decades.

To honor Ginsberg, who is moving over to the Valley Road administration building, the elementary schools’ amphitheater and outdoor teaching space is being named the Robert Ginsberg Amphitheater.

The Princeton Public Schools Board of Education agreed to name the amphitheater for Ginsberg at its June 9 meeting. The board had been asked to name it for him by the Johnson Park School PTO.

Ginsberg is expected to be formally appointed to become the acting assistant superintendent  for curriculum and instruction while the school board seeks a permanent replacement for Annie Kosek, who is retiring from the position June 30.

“Dr. Ginsberg will leave our beloved school in just a few weeks,” Johnson Park School PTO co-presidents Maria Mauarer and Lisa Robinson wrote to the school board.

“Dr. G. is the heart and soul of Johnson Park School and has served the JP community for 21 years. He is not just the glue, but the very fabric that has made JP what it is today,” Mauarer and Robinson wrote.

“Dr. G. embodies our district beliefs and is a champion of equity and a force of good. He continues to instill a love of learning as he strives to make an impact on our children’s lives,” they wrote.

“He knows every child and works tirelessly to leave no youngster behind. He will only be a phone call away, but he will be missed more than we can imagine. His foundation and legacy will continue to echo through the halls of JP for a very long time,” Mauarer and Robinson wrote.

Ginsberg, who was surprised to learn that the amphitheater and outdoor teaching space are being named for him, thanked the school board.

“I am unable to say anything now,” said Ginsberg, who appeared to be overwhelmed by the honor and recognition.

Ginsberg has worked for the Princeton Public Schools for 32 years. He served as the principal of the Littlebrook School for 10 years, and then spent one year as the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

Ginsberg requested a transfer back to become an elementary school principal, and has filled the position at the Johnson Park School for 21 years.

Ginsberg began his career as a reading, mathematics and social studies teacher at a junior high school in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, N.Y. He also taught third grade in a Brooklyn elementary school.

Ginsberg was the supervisor of programs for the gifted and talented program in the East Brunswick Public Schools before coming to the Princeton Public Schools.