Middletown will install turf playing fields at Normandy Park-Nut Swamp school

MIDDLETOWN – The Township Committee in Middletown has awarded a contract for the construction of synthetic turf playing fields at Normandy Park and at the adjacent Nut Swamp Elementary School.

During a meeting on June 15, members of the governing body awarded a contract to Grade Construction for the construction of what will be known as the Normandy Park Soccer Complex. The contract is in the amount of $2.76 million, according to a resolution.

Mayor Tony Perry, Deputy Mayor Anthony Fiore, Committeewoman Patricia Snell, Committeeman Kevin Settembrino and Committeeman Rick Hibell voted “yes” on a motion to award the contract to Grade Construction.

In an interview with the Independent, Township Administrator Anthony Mercantante said four youth-size synthetic turf soccer fields will be constructed at Normandy Park, Nutswamp Road.

Normandy Park already features tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a beach volleyball area, basketball courts and a hockey court.

The committee members also voted unanimously to award a contract for the installation of a synthetic turf playing field at the Nut Swamp Elementary School. The contract was awarded to Field Turf USA in the amount of $910,050.

Mercantante said at present, there is a grass field and a turf field at the school. The grass field will be converted to a turf field, giving that facility two full-size turf fields.

The turf field that replaces the grass field will be lined to accommodate a full-size soccer field and three youth-size soccer fields.

“Turf fields require less maintenance than grass fields, are less susceptible to rain and don’t need to be mowed,” Mercantante said. “Having turf fields will give us the ability to rest grass playing fields throughout the township and to rotate their use.”

The turf fields will accommodate field hockey and lacrosse in addition to soccer, and will be available for use by scholastic and recreation league teams. The turf fields will be available for practice sessions, which must be scheduled through the township, Mercantante said.