Aberdeen Township restaurants launch outdoor dining service

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ABERDEEN – Several restaurants in Aberdeen Township are offering outdoor dining as New Jersey continues on the road back from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Outdoor dining was permitted beginning June 15. Indoor dining at a reduced capacity will begin on July 2.

The following establishments are offering outdoor dining:

• Blue Rock Café, 522 Amboy Road. Call 732-583-7699 for reservations;

• Court Jester, Route 34. Call 732-566-6674 for reservations;

• Denino’s Pizza Place, Route 34. Call 732-583-2150 for reservations;

• Eli’s Hot Bagels, Route 34. Call 732-566-4523 for information;

• La Strada, 1 Gaston St. Call 732-583-9600 for reservations;

• Piazza Di Roma, Route 34. Call 732-583-3565 for reservations;

• Town Square Diner, Route 34. Call 732-583-2100 for reservations.

At the Aberdeen Town Square shopping center on Route 34, the Court Jester, Denino’s and the Town Square Diner are offering seating under a common tent in the parking lot, according to municipal officials.

Patrons of Denino’s and the Town Square Diner may purchase alcoholic drinks from the Court Jester for consumption at their own tables.

“We are very pleased to announce this first group of restaurants that have taken the initiative to offer their patrons a safe dining experience,” Mayor Fred Tagliarini said.

“While our Building Department and other authorities have gone to great lengths to expedite these openings, this is not an easy or inexpensive process for the restaurants, even those that offered outdoor dining before the pandemic. We hope others in town will follow their lead,” the mayor said.

“We want to single out the efforts of Aberdeen Town Square landlord Jim Dolan, who worked with the owners of the Court Jester, Denino’s and the Town Square Diner to quickly pull together the tented dining area in the parking lot,” Deputy Mayor Joseph Martucci said. “This is truly an amazing example of competing businesses working together for the common good.”

The township has been promoting each restaurant’s outdoor dining program in YouTube videos that feature municipal officials visiting the locations and speaking with the owners.

The Aberdeen Economic Business Council is promoting local outdoor dining options and the reopening of what state officials had labeled “non-essential” businesses during the pandemic.

Outdoor dining options will continue to be updated on the township’s website.