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Hillsborough parent creates video tribute for Class of 2020

Scott Laifer of Hillsborough began to develop a tribute to the Class of 2020 of Hillsborough High School since one of his sons graduated. He came up with some rhymes as he took walks through his neighborhood. Subsequently, he decided to create a video memory of the graduates’ time in the Hillsborough School District.
“I tried to include a lot of positivity, despite the devastating loss of their second semester of senior year. I am hoping that this video gives Hillsborough Township a sense of pride, empathy for this 2020 class, and the feelings of a positive message going forward,” he said.

Seeing 2020

A Tribute to the Hillsborough Class of 2020

Dear Hillsborough Class of 2020,

Come with me, on a trip through time,
From K through 12, in the form of a rhyme.

You began apart, in smaller teams,
In Amsterdam and Woodfern,

with Youthful Dreams.

But that’s only 2 of your Hillsborough schools,
There’s Sunnymead and Woods and Triangle too.

Writing a rhyme is a difficult game,
When So Many schools have 3 syllable names.

There’s still one more, venture a guess,
Yep, another 3 syllables, it’s HES!

When you completed your Elementary Evolution,
It was on to ARIS, your intermediate institution.

New teachers and friends and new situations,
Continuing to build your sturdy foundations.

At the end of both years was a carnival,
And the Lost and Found filled an entire wall.

Around the corner on Triangle Road,
New teams, sports, and clubs for you to behold.

More Independence and more Self-Aware,
More Responsibility and more Self-Care.

As Junior Raiders you made your mark,
and culminated Memories at Hershey Park.

Seems like yesterday were your orientations,
4 Great years and 2 graduations.

Back to the bottom at Hillsborough High,
Such is life, both lows and highs.

Bigger events like Homecoming and games,
Plus Spirit themes, like Freshman Fame.

10th grade was Sweet, but needed a brush,
For mural paint and teeth for Sophomore

Sugar Rush.

11th grade was Lit, ready to rumble,
As you proclaimed to your school,
“Welcome to the Jungle!”

After all those years, back on top,
Senior Queens & Kings, your “last” bus stop.

You knew it’d be wild, hence Senior Storm,
But no one foresaw, this out of the norm.

It’s true it stole meaningful activities,
Spirit night, prom, and graduation festivities.

Typically it’s hard to change your perspective,
But what if you viewed it, like a real-life elective?

Although there’s unknown, and some may be scared,
In a strange twist of fate, you’re now better prepared.

These last few months will forever be,
A significant part of your memories.

It will never replace the experience you’ve had,

In a quality district, the Best Teachers and Staff.

A verse for the Parents isn’t really enough,
Always with you, through Awesome and Tough.

After a shout out to parents, let’s acknowledge

your friends,
On whom at times, you mutually depend.

Times always changing, like Kaleidoscope glass.
These times are unique, but so is your Class.

Hillsborough Grads, you’ve made it through,
4 verses to go, especially for you.

With 2020 vision, this part is clear,
Those Youthful Dreams, pursue without fear.

If you’re ever feeling down, it happens sometimes,
You can always return, to this series of Rhymes.


Now Look to the Future, and remember the Past,
Don’t forsake the Present, time travels real fast.


Best wishes to You all, and all your Endeavors,
Seeing 20/20 Now, 2020 Forever…

A Riddle and a Rhyme from Father’s Day
Father’s Day is today,
but this weeks Not empty.
There’ll be Tributes and Memories, and Rhymes aplenty.
At Military time, Thursday, 20:20.
Final Riddle
Greetings, one last time,
Seeing 2020 in mind,
It’s time to rewind,
On a Journey through Time.
Now, here’s your Rhyme…
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