AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine offers multidisciplinary practice in Monroe



AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary practice located in Monroe and Hamilton.

Our office takes pride in getting patients better without the use of drugs or surgery. The benefit of having a multidisciplinary practice is that all of the doctors are under one roof. This means each provider is in constant communication about each individual patient’s treatment plan.

The convenience factor for the patient is also beneficial because they do not have to go to multiple locations for their treatments. When people come in with pain, they want to get better as fast as possible. Eliminating constant calls, emails or faxes from doctor’s office to doctor’s office helps the providers and lets the patient focus only on getting better.

Here at AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine, we treat a wide variety of complaints and conditions for people of all ages. Our services include physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and pain management. In addition, we have X-ray, nerve conduction/EMG studies, decompression tables and many other modalities that assist getting patients the results they deserve and enable our providers to do so.

Each provider comes up with a treatment plan that is created specifically to each individual patient’s needs. We have a reputation with our patients of caring and taking pride in what we do. We create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for our patients, allowing for them to get better and enjoy the process while doing so.

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