Enter contest to design Hillsborough Education Foundation logo

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The Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF) is asking the public to help design a new logo that captures its mission.

The logo should embody HEF’s mission to strengthen the bridge between the community and Hillsborough Township Public Schools by encouraging community involvement and financial support to enhance public education for students at all levels.

There is no color limitation, but the logo must reproduce well in black and white. Logos must be original and cannot contain copyrighted material.

This logo will be used on the HEF website, social media pages and other mediums (stationery, T-shirts, etc).

Ideally, the logo will be “print ready” but concept sketches will be accepted as HEF members are looking for a design that best embodies HEF’s mission.

There is no limit to the number of entries, so each applicant can submit a variety of different designs.

The winning logo will be selected by the HEF Board of Trustees. Contestants agree that any submitted artwork will become the property of HEF to be used and/or modified at the discretion of the foundation and that HEF may publish the artists’ names and/or photographs. HEF reserves the right to not select a winner, if, in its discretion, no suitable entries are received.

Submissions will be accepted through July 31. The winning logo will be announced via the HEF website, social media pages and by email to the artist.

Entries should be submitted by email to [email protected] in PDF, JPG or PNG format with “Logo Contest Submission” in the subject line. Include name, school, grade in September 2020 (or specify adult) and contact details (email and phone number).

The winner will receive a certificate of appreciation and bragging rights.