Hightstown Borough Council ensures equality of all citizens


Hightstown Borough residents and visitors alike can be assured of equitable treatment by all Hightstown officials and municipal departments.

That’s the message that Hightstown Borough Council wants to get across through its recently adopted resolution supporting equality of all citizens.

“The mayor and council of the Borough of Hightstown will promote safety, a sense of security and equal protection of constitutional rights, leading by example through equitable treatment of all by borough officials and departments,” according to the resolution.

The resolution, which was adopted at the council’s June 15 meeting, states that Hightstown is a multi-ethnic community and believes that mutual understanding and respect develop a healthier, safer and caring community.

Hightstown officials work hard to ensure that all residents have a chance to become involved and to be heard, the resolution says.

Acknowledging the protests triggered by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a former Minneapolis police officer, the demonstrations “challenge public safety organizations and elected leadership across the country to respond honestly and effectively as concerns are raised by residents within our communities,” the resolution states.

The resolution notes that in Hightstown, police officers have a positive relationship with the borough’s residents. The police officers conduct themselves with professionalism and respect for the community.

In addition, the resolution states, the Hightstown Police Department fully supports New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal’s Excellence in Policing initiative that was unveiled in December 2019.

It will help to promote a culture of professionalism and accountability within police departments, and ensure trust between the police and the community, the resolution states.

The Excellence in Policing initiative calls for measures that range from improving law enforcement training, identifying early warning signs for “at-risk” police officers, to ensuring independent investigations of officer-involved shootings, and licensing of police officers.

“Hightstown Borough has always believed in equality for all and followed the Attorney General’s guidelines. It will continue this practice,” Mayor Lawrence Quattrone said.

As policies change and procedures are reviewed and revised, education and training are key elements to successful societal changes, Quattrone said.