Opinion: Speed enforcement non-existent on Amboy and Eggert avenues in Metuchen


Having lived at Amboy and Eggert avenues for 40-plus years, I am severely distressed by the half-hearted, fraudulent way the speeders on these roads have been ignored by the police. Without a police presence – apparently the police cruisers/monitors at Carpenter Place and Hanson Avenue are a thing of the past – vehicles will ignore the speed/big truck signs as they have in the past. Dozens of big vehicles and speeders traverse the area daily. Irresponsible official conduct and a disservice to the taxpaying citizens who live here is the blatant reality.

Seems to be a tale of two boroughs. Flashing speed sensor signs on Amboy and Grove avenues, nothing on Eggert Avenue. A lot of police presence downtown, none on a regular basis on Amboy and Eggert avenues.

This appears to be improper governmental conduct and perhaps needs to have further review by the state.

RG Douglas