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Opinion: Speed enforcement non-existent on Amboy and Eggert avenues in Metuchen

Collaborative efforts among county, borough officials and grassroots groups have led the borough to become "almost" townwide 25 miles per hour. That is the goal officials said as all county and borough roads transition to a slower speed limit on Feb. 14. Middlesex County and borough officials held a press conference announcing the efforts at Cai's Café, Main Street on Feb. 11.

Having lived at Amboy and Eggert avenues for 40-plus years, I am severely distressed by the half-hearted, fraudulent way the speeders on these roads have been ignored by the police. Without a police presence – apparently the police cruisers/monitors at Carpenter Place and Hanson Avenue are a thing of the past – vehicles will ignore the speed/big truck signs as they have in the past. Dozens of big vehicles and speeders traverse the area daily. Irresponsible official conduct and a disservice to the taxpaying citizens who live here is the blatant reality.

Seems to be a tale of two boroughs. Flashing speed sensor signs on Amboy and Grove avenues, nothing on Eggert Avenue. A lot of police presence downtown, none on a regular basis on Amboy and Eggert avenues.

This appears to be improper governmental conduct and perhaps needs to have further review by the state.

RG Douglas

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