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State is correct to do away with title of freeholder

I applaud Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed bill to change the freeholder title to commissioner. In 1776 by definition, a freeholder was an elected official who had to be a debt free land owner.

That pretty much excluded women and people of color; you know, all those other pesky humans who make up the population.

America is in a time of change. A grown-up admits his past wrongdoings and fixes them. It’s time America grew up.

Mississippi has taken the symbol of the confederacy off its state flag. Yet no one complained about the cost of changing all the flags or the official stationary. Why? Because it was the right thing to do.

Many states are removing statues of confederate leaders who treasonously fought against our own government to keep slavery. No one is complaining about the cost because again, it’s the right thing to do.

The freeholder title is offensive to women and minorities. That alone should be reason enough to change it, but Monmouth County Freeholder Director Thomas Arnone disagrees, citing the time, effort and thousands of dollars needed to change stationary and signs.

A $452.8 million budget is under his control. I bet we can find the money to pay for new stationary somewhere.

This is not the first time the freeholders have been out of step with the times, choosing the wrong side of history. Ask any immigrant or undocumented, but essential worker.

It is time for real change in the freeholders office, not just the title. New vision and leadership is in order, especially since the present freeholders refuse to see the writing on the wall.

Remember in November.

Kate Vallee
Freehold Township

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