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CMA launches new digital services to help businesses market themselves during COVID-19

CMA, a full-service communications, marketing and association management firm, has launched new digital services to meet marketplace demand amid COVID-19.

Due to social distancing precautions and health concerns surrounding the new virus, CMA has turned several of its services into digital formats, including annual and regional conferences, town hall meetings and training, according to information provided by the company.

On July 29, CMA’s Dan Beldowicz, who is the firm’s director of business development, will present “Virtual Success: How Remote Events Build Brands,” a live 12:30 p.m. EST webinar that will educate attendees about the new digital opportunities to bring customers and members closer.

“Organizations are faced with a whole new challenge of bringing customers, clients and members closer from afar,” Jeffrey Barnhart, CMA’s CEO and founder, said in the statement. “Our new digital solutions – ranging from virtual conferences, virtual town halls to virtual training – create a memorable experience amid a ‘new normal’ in business.”

CMA is preparing a slew of virtual annual conferences for this fall. Cutting-edge features will include a virtual trade show where exhibitors will have a virtual, branded booth and live “meetings” with booth visitors. The event also will showcase virtual roundtables, where attendees will gather in “rooms” to discuss topics of common interest. Like an in-person conference, one-on-one appointments will be available, and attendees will be able to ask questions during the keynote presentation, individual breakout sessions and panel discussions, according to the statement.

Virtual Panel Discussions Provides Critical Communications
Earlier this year, the American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association (APSNA) needed to quickly share critical COVID-19 developments to its membership during a nationwide state of emergency. As a result, CMA identified the Facebook Live feature, which is essentially a live social media video, as the ideal way to reach their largest audience on a national scope and promoted the event on APSNA’s social media channels, according to the statement.

APSNA’s one-day virtual event helped deepen engagement with members by providing a forum for them to connect in a genuine way – sharing regional updates about the pandemic and getting answers to questions in real-time. The experience reached 4,000 members, generated 229 social media post clicks, 87 reactions and 20 live comments as the association built deeper engagement with its membership, according to the statement.

Virtual Training Expands Global Reach In Financial Services
When the novel coronavirus grounded air travel earlier this year, Pimley & Pimley, which provides corporate credit training for the banking sector in more than 40 countries, asked CMA to transform its industry-best, in-person instructional seminars into remote experiences, so that staff could virtually train a prominent client literally halfway across the world in Singapore.

CMA implemented its fully managed remote training and distance learning solution, which utilizes industry standard conferencing services.

Even after being a client of Pimley & Pimley for several years, the Singaporean multinational banking corporation said the three-week, remote seminar sessions were the best training services they have experienced, according to the statement.

This feedback encouraged Pimley & Pimley to ask CMA to prepare more remote learning materials for another bank in the ensuing weeks, especially after the Singaporean bank reported increases in attendance, which went from 30-something attendees during the first week to nearly 60 during the third week, as well as thumbs-up reviews in written evaluations from attendees.is a full-service communications, marketing and association management, according to the statement.



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