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How will ‘Supernatural’ finish shooting the series?

Question: How is Supernatural going to film its final two episodes considering that all of the necessary main and supporting actors and production crew will be moving onto newer shows, much less the current COVID-19 restrictions for filming in Vancouver? I’m certain everyone wants to complete the series in a well- deserved fashion, but what if some essential people are not logistically available? —Mark

Matt Roush: These are hard questions to answer until we know just how and when primetime production will get underway, and I’m more concerned about how they’ll be able to conduct business safely and confidently. But one thing’s for sure: Supernatural will be a priority for the network and studio, and I assume you’re referring primarily to Jared Padalecki, who’ll move on from playing Sam Winchester to the title character of Walker. Wisely, The CW has announced the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger will not premiere until midseason in January (which could still be wishful thinking), giving ample time for Supernatural to finish filming its remaining episodes. Whichever of the rest of the cast and production crew are associated with other projects, I’d think their contracts would put finishing Supernatural in first position. But again, it’s hard to be definitive about anything until the industry gets back on its feet.

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