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Republicans should vote to oust Congressman

From time to time, a congressional election becomes more important than the representation of a single district.

In 2020, Republican voters of New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District have the opportunity to be heard nationally and contribute to the post-Trump rebuilding of the Republican party by voting for a Democrat.

Chris Smith (R-NJ) is one of those Republican enablers who has allowed the president to abuse his power and the party to devolve into an unrecognizable state.

Since President Trump’s election, Congressman Smith has consistently taken the party line, unable to show independence, unwilling to voice dissatisfaction, reciting the president’s talking points along with the spineless Republican herd.

Congressman Smith expects this strategy will allow him to coast to a 21st term. In politics, nothing speaks louder than the ouster of a 40-year incumbent.

A vote for Democratic candidate Stephanie Schmid sends a strong message to the Republican leadership, retires an absentee and out of touch congressman, and most importantly gives the district representation by a local, energetic and highly qualified woman.

Now is an historic time for District 4 Republicans to exercise party independence; elect the best candidate and demonstrate the strength our current party leadership lacks.

Ken Young

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