Will Lauren Graham be back for Season 2 of ‘Zoey?’

Question: Given her attachment to The Mighty Ducks series on Disney+, is Lauren Graham (who plays Zoey’s boss Joan) expected to return full-time to Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist for Season 2? Or are their filming schedules not expected to overlap? —Michael

Matt Roush: The idea is for her to be able to do both, since both series produce a limited number of episodes. Lauren Graham started work on The Mighty Ducks this winter after Zoey wrapped, but I’m not sure how far they got before everything shut down. Regardless, both series should be able to fit into her schedule, and there’s no intent as far as I’m aware to limit her involvement in Zoey. Nor should there be.

Question: I just want to say I LOVE The Genetic Detective on ABC — it’s unique and real! I notice it’s not scheduled (per TV Guide Magazine) for the next few weeks. Will it return? I hope this show will also prove how important DNA is in catching offenders and that all courtrooms will allow the evidence! —Susan

Matt Roush: This series has concluded its first-season run, and it’s probably a bit early
to know if it will be renewed. ABC could certainly do worse than an unscripted docuseries that plays into our longtime fascination with forensic crime-solving, so the chances are probably decent if CeCe Moore has more stories to tell.

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