Hillsborough conducting annual reassessment of properties


Hillsborough Township conducts an annual reassessment which enables the assessor to ensure fair, equitable, uniform assessments and each property is assessed at their “true market value”.

The reassessment of property will be on an annual basis, based upon market trends and will be reflected in the following year’s assessment.

Due to the New Jersey Division of Taxation guidelines for the program, each property will be inspected once every five years. The purpose of this inspection is to verify that property information is consistent with the information in the township’s database, which is vital to maintaining equity and uniformity, according to information provided by the township.

There will be an exterior and interior inspection and residents’ cooperation is greatly appreciated, according to the statement. If the property owner is not at the property while the exterior inspection is being performed or refuses access to the interior, the township employee will leave a notice with a contact phone number for the owner to contact the office to schedule an inspection. If the inspector is unable to gain interior access at a later date, the valuation of the interior components will be estimated in accordance with the standards of the neighborhood, according to the statement.

To search for assessment information and to reprint the assessment notice postcard for a specific property, visit https://taxlookup.njtown.net/Pmod4search.aspx

To print a copy of the current year assessment postcard, click on the PDF option next to the property owner’s name once you access the “Property MOD4 Record” screen.