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CBA moves forward with plan to fully reopen in September


Students who attend Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, will be in school five days a week beginning in September, according to a plan released by the private school.

According to a press release, “Taking CBA’s Lasallian mission and approach to education into account, the administration will be moving forward with this plan, understanding that conditions could change in the coming weeks and months. The academy used an end-of-year parent survey as well as a faculty committee to aid in its plans to reopen.”

Under the plan put forth by CBA, all students would have been required to wear a mask when they were not able to maintain 6 feet of social distance.

However, on Aug. 3, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that students will have to wear at all times when they are in school.

Desks at CBA will be placed at least 3 feet apart as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, according to the press release from the school.

Students will remain 6 feet apart during lunch periods, which will be spread out in different locations on campus.

There will be a number of additional safety modifications put in place, such as daily health screenings, the elimination of homeroom and locker usage, and plexiglass.

The academy has invested in bipolar ionization, which is an air purification system installed in every heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit that deactivates harmful substances like bacteria, mold, allergens and viruses, according to the press release.

The administration has developed a plan in the event that students and teachers must return to full-time virtual learning. CBA will accommodate students who choose to learn virtually for some time, according to the press release.

Student orientation days have been planned for sophomores and juniors on Sept. 9 and for freshmen and seniors on Sept. 10. The first full day of classes will be on Sept. 11.

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