Opinion: Behrend’s ‘consistent, calm demeanor’ will help guide Princeton school system through challenging times

Beth Behrend is the person Princeton needs to continue to lead the school board. Her consistent, calm demeanor will help guide our school system through challenging times. We need her experience from the past couple of years: managing the hiring of an interim superintendent, navigating our entry into the world of virtual education and holding the importance of unity in the midst of diverse pressures.


As we move into the coming challenges we need continuity and collaboration. We need her philosophy that we are all in this together. Her leadership of the Board of Education has been notable for its inclusivity, its professional approach to complex issues and its vision for the future of schools in Princeton. A unified school board will be needed to hire the very best permanent superintendent and assistant superintendent of schools for our town.


Beth brings personal experience of teaching children – I taught with her in a religious education program at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation and observed her love of children in action and her ability to engage their curiosity in learning. Beth brings administrative experience from time serving on the board of trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.


Beth brings legal experience, understanding the emerging laws regarding education and having the facility to deal with litigious issues will be essential in the coming months.


Beth is all about the kids. Her commitment to the children of our town is primary. She firmly believes public education is the keystone of our democracy.


Please join me and my husband Carl in voting for Beth Behrend for school board in the election on Nov. 3.


 Rev. Carol S. Haag